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It is difficult to imagine any new business, product or service that won’t be delivered either digitally, or achieve scalability and cost efficiency through the use of technology. Within this context, understanding the ICT professional skills of your workforce is essential for future success.

Otherwise how will your organisation acquire the skills needed for the future, and resource the human capital capability required to take your organisation from where you are today, to where you want to be in 3, 5 and 10 years?

Effective job design is critical to successfully executing your strategic and tactical business plans. While ICT job roles commonly identify with a primary skill, it is through the combination of other complementary core skills that competitive is achieved.

The Skills Framework for the Information Age (SFIA) affords a broad range of business benefits achieved through the use of a consistent definition of professional ICT skills.

These include:
· Consistent job descriptions providing clarity of expectation
· Providing clarity to career pathways and developing an understanding of skills mobility across the business
· Consistent remuneration and benefits
· Enhanced alignment of skills (via people) to job roles
· Greater fit matching people to specific job roles, and
· Optimal skills utilisation and project capability via people and job roles being assigned to new work teams.

Through our SaaS solution, MySFIA Corporate edition assists organisations achieve agility and optimise project management efficiency.

The solution provides organisations with vital management reporting on ICT skill audits. These include skills by job role, skills by person, skills by work team, and skills by workforce allowing organisations to capture both technical and professional skill proficiency, and easily identify where skills gaps exist enabling these to be addressed in recruitment processes and through investments in workforce development.

The solution is unique in that if offers the ability to overlay multiple frameworks in addition to SFIA. Whether organisations have their own leadership frameworks, behavioural frameworks, or other competency frameworks, MySFIA Corporate editions allows for ease of integration with SFIA.

The performance of technology is underpinned by the performance of people.

Contact the ACS to discover how we can:
· empower your human capital strategic planning
· enable a focused professional development spend, maximising your return on investment
· support your business stay ahead of the curve by informing future workforce development plans.

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